I have to.....

I have to get myself a denim shirt
I have to dye my hair
I have to bake something Valentine themed
I have to start baking again so I can resume bake day on Tuesdays
I have to finish spraying the biscuit tins in the garage
I have to tidy my desk.....major mess
I have to get organised for sister/s (not sure if it's one or two sisters yet) visiting at the weekend
I have to tidy for sisters visiting....and nail all handbags down....lol
I have to do my food shopping list
I have to make dinner reservations for Saturday night
I have to start my next Pinterest project
I have to organize a weekend to go home to see my parents
I have to organise a little jaunt away with Hubbie
I have to organise a night away with my two buddies
I have to finish painting the study
I have to develop some blog ideas
I have to download google stats
I have to research a meeting place for the blogger meet up in April
I have to change the look of my blog
I have to read my email and clean it up
I have to organise my blog folder on my laptop....as much a mess as desk
I have to order some books from Amazon

Oh god I am so stressed! Worse post ever..............aaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



  1. You know what J... I could tick off most of those as being on my to do list also but it ain't worth stressing out about! Just try do one small thing every day and it really gets the motivation going!
    ~Anne xx

    1. I think your right.....time seems to be running away on me!

  2. I have to write myself a list of 'to dos'! Especially as I leave for the UK next week - I still have to pack, download movies, buy Mum stuff to take back, make sure kids and OH have everything they need before I go etc. etc. etc...

  3. Oh I'm tired even looking at that list! Remember sisters coming to see you not view your property so you can cross that one off!

    1. lol......I like your style,,,I am going to edit me list!

  4. you don't have to think about blog ideas. they will come to you naturally during the course of the day. but you should not stress about having to write daily. writing our thoughts and emotions should be a relaxing exercise.

    1. Ya your right I shouldn't have to think about blog idea....

  5. what a list!!
    small steps, woman dear :)


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