Internet Shopping.....

I am an internet shopping virgin....well and internet fashion shopping be precise! I have bought books, I bulk buy on Amazon, but as much as I love books and I certainly do, they are not clothes, they are not shoes and they are not handbags....but they are a close second!

I have never bought anything fashion wise online. I don't know why I just have never taken the plunge....

There are so many things to consider......
  • Will the item I am looking at on the internet, look the same in real life.?
  • Will it be the right size, length etc?
  • Trying to making sense of the online store sizing charts
  • What does the material really look like, feel like?
  • Shipping.....too much work and extra charges for shipping to Ireland and taxes.
  • Will I be in when the postman/delivery guy comes? and if I miss him will I make the post office before closing time
  • What if I don't like it when I get it and have to return it ....will it be a lot of hassle??
I mean lets face it, I could look at a top and when it comes in the post is could be a belly top.......Am I exaggerating?? I don't know....

I do internet "window" shop  A LOT and I have loads of email is a wee taste
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Next
  • Guess (I love their handbags)
  • Barry M
  • River Island
  • Fossil (I love their watches....Bags a little out of my price range but beautiful)
  • Aldi and Lidl (ok, not internet shopping but I need to know what the deals are!!)
  • Awear
  • Aldo shoes
  • Kiko Cosmetics
The more I blog the more I realise my blogger buddies are all internet shopping.Blogging about what delights The Postie has dropped at their front door while they are drinking their morning coffees!!

I want The Postie to drop something to me....So I am going to buy something online, a fashion item. I am determined, not a book or a wifi router (ok, Hubbie bought that...not me) but an item of clothes, shoes or a handbag.....

What are your fav online stores?



  1. I love online shopping! I bought my wedding dress, shoes, and veil online and I loved them all! :-) Good luck!

    1. Well your braver than me.......well done

  2. I'm not a big internet clothes shopper either. I like to actually try something on before I buy it! But I always see so many people getting such cute things online, so I may have to give it a try!

    1. Ya, I think I am a bit like that.I like to see and feel and try on
      Thanks for stopping by

  3. Has to be Gap especially when they've a sale on and free delivery! Always looks exactly same and can even go down a size so happy days!

    1. really, I wonder do they deliver internationally

  4. Hi. Yeah I live in Co Donegal. Even when no free delivery only charge £4 and usually delivered within few days. So addictive though as they have so many sales. I'm now proud owner of nearly every shade of skinny jeans and don't think I've paid over £20 for any of them.

  5. I have just bought something from Asos for the first time! It arrives this week so I will blog about my success if you're interested!?


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