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Blogger Meet Up:
So based on my post this time last week about having our little get together in March, it appears that April is better suiting everyone. I am suggesting Saturday the 6th or the 13th of April. Let me know your thoughts.
Still going for Mullingar, simply because it is relatively in the middle. Any suggestions for a meeting place would be welcome, either way I will do a bit of research and come up with a suggestion or two.

I am so delighted that we have a rough date, now for a venue!

Blogger Stats:
What do you think? I am really not sure about these and I have been doing some research into blog stat tools, free ones. I think I need better information.
With blogger....(sorry blogger!), Overview always seems to have different numbers to stats, don't know why but it does. So any suggestion?????What do you use????

Hope you all had a nice weekend!



  1. Have you installed Google Analytics yet? It's the best stats tool out there

    1. I think that is my next job to do....I take it by your comment you would recommend it.....must install...

  2. I have a B I G birthday coming up 12th April
    so 13th would be a no no for me J
    will be nursing head and swimming in pressies (I hope)!!!

    Let me know what date the others go for and I will
    try and sort something out.

    Have a lovely Valentines Day

    x Fiona

  3. Re the stats, I find bloggers stats are absolutely fine...don't use overview - just use stats. Mine are almost exactly the same as on Google Analytics. The only reason I need GA is when I'm asked by PR's about my unique visitors to the blog.
    Regarding the meet up - I don't know if I can make either of those. It's my mum's 80th party on the 6th and I have a choir thing on the 13th :( never worry...tell me all about it! xx

  4. I use
    I find the stats really detailed, far better than any other I've tried over the years. Good luck!


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