Weekend Jibber Jabber....

This week has been one of those weeks where I have neither being enjoying anything or not. It's been a bit bla!Nothing of any significance happened. I have just been busy.

Enjoying this week.....

  • Lunch plans, meeting up with some buddies on Saturday
  • New clothes, I have bought so much lately that I am so enjoying putting together new outfits....
  • Stretch in the evenings, it makes me feel like spring is coming,if only the weather would improve
Not enjoying this week
  • Dear friends of mine have headed off to pastures new, off on a new adventure...
  • Rain...oh my! what is with the weather in the West of Ireland. I was woken up this  morning at 4.30am to rain and hail stones lashing against my bedroom window. It was so loud I had to put in ear plugs.....lol

Have a nice weekend folks!



  1. With you on the weather - I was in shock today seeing the sunshine…forgot what you're supposed to do when it's nice like that! X

  2. I know! Hubbie was out all day yesterday doing jobs and happy out.


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