Weekend Jibber Jabber...

It's Friday again....so friggin delighted.....whooohooo!!

I am finding my free time becoming non existent.

Enjoying this week....
  • Drinking Water: I am trying to get 2 pints of water into me every day. I am a good water drinker in general but in winter time I tend to drink more tea/coffee instead of water. So I have started putting a drop of warm water into my glass so it's more luke warm than cold and I am drinking no problem.May not be everyone's cup of tea, but its mine.....lol
  • Stretch in the morning/evening: I am hearing the birds tweeting in the morning and its bright when I get home.....wonderful. Spring is in the air
Not Enjoying this week...

  • Dinner idea slump: I have no imagination when it comes to dinner in the evenings. It's been a bit dodgy these evenings. Chip and fish fingers for dinner this evening.
  • Not getting out and about to take some pics.....must rectify!

Have a nice weekend folks!