Barry M Textured Nail Affect.... Barry M Textured Nail Affect....TNP1

When I tried this the first time I was unsure how many coats I would need to apply, one or two?? It is very pretty with one coat but then when you apply the second it looks like your second coat is smoothing out the texture....
In this pic you can see the first 2 nails are painted with one coat and is very pretty and I started painted the third nail and I kinda got nervous thinking the texture was gone....but ....

 The finished it!! This was the only colour left in my local Boots, which was a disappointment because I wasted one in each colour.



  1. Oh my goodness - how good are you at painting your nails - so neat! I'm always envious of anyone who can paint their own nails on their other hand. I'm not sure it's a polish for me though - I struggle with the textured ones - even the glitter ones as I feel like I put it on and then I swipe it off again by accident when I don't think I have put enough on.

    However, today I am going to treat myself to a special polish! Soo excited.

    1. I have such a love for nail polish.practice i guess make me ok at applying it
      thanks for stopping by,Sue

  2. Hi, I have looked at the textured nail polishes, and always felt a bit nervous of it, but it looks so pretty on you, but you do have beautifully shaped nails, which always helps.....mine are more like spades!! xx

    1. I really love these polishes, i hope they do them in all year around colours!! Thanks for the complement on my nails. Funny how we are never happy with what we got...I can't bear going without polish as I hate my natural nails!!!


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