Up Cyclying Biscuit Tins... Part 2

This is second installment of my biscuit tin spraying......This was my first installment.
A Cadbury's Roses tin and a USA biscuit tin... and they turned out perfect

The tin in the background is the dud!

Tips for spraying tins:
  • Wash them thoroughly
  • Lightly sand them 
  • Use a primer
  • Spray many lights coats 
  • Let each coat dry completely



  1. I have tons left over from Christmas too that I've been wanting to decoupage but when I painted them then used the pva glue the paint chipped off. What kind of primer to you recommend?

  2. P.S I painted them with emulsion.

  3. They look great J! I imagine they'd also work really well with some stencils or something xo

  4. Damn, I've just binned a load of these tins as didn't know what to do with them! And now I'm going to have to buy cake tins as gifts (to put home made cakes in, not just the tin!!) as run out and this idea would have worked out perfectly! Next time! x

  5. J! Where have you gone... Oh I so enjoyed reading your blog... Please come back :-)


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