Sandals or boots.....where is my Summer!

I apologies up front this is a weather rant post!!
Where I live in Ireland, we are constantly having all the weather possibilities in one day.What is wrong with the world more specifically Ireland...why cant it be sunny in SUMMER!!
I got up this morning, after a review the short range forcaset on and determining no rain on the horizon I proceed to hang out 3 loads of washing from my week at home with my parents....hence loads of washing. Made coffee, put on my walking clothes, got junior ready to go to Nanny's while I walk and hey presto......Feckin RAIN......loads of RAIN.

Deflated, I changed into jeans,T and boots, took in my "wetter" clothes in from the line and went to town to do the food shopping, dropping Junior at Nannys with his wellies. I trudge around Aldi, get the shopping done and when I get to the car the sun is splitting the rocks. I am beginning to sweat as I have so much clothes on. I guess the moral of the story is, I never know what to put on me to go out into the world in these days. Is it sandals or boots??

Its the 06th of July and the weather is rubbish. Only for my love obsession with Instagram to keep me in the summer mood.I can see what my lovely neighbour ladies are wearing in England where they sun is shining!